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Tom Burgoyne
The Best Friend of the Phillie Phanatic, Co-Author of Pheel the Love!

“Rocky Martino has fit a million lives into one amazing life. Motivational Reflections - At Sunset beautifully chronicles his triumphs and a few regrets but also gives us a blueprint on how we should care for one another and enjoy every sunset.

Rocky was the inventor of the smartphone.  He made a life surfing the wave of technology, so his plea to “use technology, don’t be afraid of it” is perfectly predictable.  Not so predictable was Rocky’s suggestion that we throw all the smartphones in a pile, light them on fire and use the smoke to send smoke signals to communicate with one another.  That way, he states, maybe people will start talking to each other again instead of being glued to their devises and civility might return to society.  He has spent his life trying to make a world a better place and with Motivational Reflections - At Sunset, he continues on that quest.”

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Kevin Callahan
Sports Writer and Author of The Black Rose, The Fish Finder, and The Chess Game

Motivational Reflections - At Sunset is such a wonderful and inspirational read that Dr. Martino’s latest book should be read before the “sunset” years.

There are so many life lessons gained through the author’s experience and living. His words serve as wise fatherly advice for any age. Certainly, there is a lifetime to learn from this fascinating man who studied at the Vatican Library and the Jerusalem Library of Biblical Studies, including the value of writing daily, which he has done in completing 28 non-fiction books, five novels and one play as well as his three-volume autobiography.

Indeed, Dr. Martino is a smart man, after all he invented the smartphone. Be wise and take time to read these antidotes and advice on living and life as they will not only make you want to be a better person but give you a path. Truly, any reader of any age will learn from someone who is so learned and especially those watching the sunset.

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Paul C. Peterson, P.E.

Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers, and retired Chair of the Theology Department at Bishop Shanahan High School, Downingtown, PA

The singular advantage of becoming older is the ongoing acquisition of wisdom.  Its disadvantage is living in a world that is inexorably becoming smaller.  It does not have to be so.  “Motivational Reflections – At Sunset” is an expansion of Doctor Martino’s world to include you and me.  His wise insights gleaned from a long life lived well should be shared.  I am glad he has; so will you, his reader.  And, you will be encouraged to do the same.

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Albert W. Tegler
President & CEO, Tegler Benefits Group

Motivational Reflections – At Sunset is an interesting and informative book. Reading the book gives one the feeling of having a pleasant and insightful conversation with an old friend.

Rocky Martino gives us a view of the world as he has known it over the past eight plus decades and a view of the world as he sees it in the future. His grasp of the events of the past 89 years is extensive and presented in a very enjoyable manner.

The future he presents should give ample food for thought and hope for a better world to come.

I highly recommend Motivational Reflections – At Sunset.