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Religious and Political Fiction:

Fighting Terrorism with Cyber Security

"The man behind this political thriller is extremely knowledgeable about the world of computers. Dr. Martino wrote the fictional story to stress the need for America to stay vigilant and fight terrorism with Cyber Warfare." 

We are in a crisis of personal relationships. We are surrounded if not inundated, by technology that connects billions of people instantaneously, yet we have a hard time getting along. Civility and respect appear to be victims of unbridled personal ambition where success is measured at a size of a bank account rather than the work of the individual. BlueNose Press was founded not only to direct attention to this problem but also to offer solutions.


"A very readable story, this could well be the basic text for a formation program. All Christian principles presented in a relaxed manner through the marvels of a fascinating narrative." 

Cancel Christmas

"The human spirit and all of its wonderful contradictions are revealed through one man's campaign to cancel Christmas. A miser who finds true happiness accidentally in his quest for riches & power."

The Resurrection

"A vivid portrayal of the most time-less events of our salvation history... the empty tomb elicits gripping attention, lingering wonderment and thanksgiving." 

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